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Care Motion's BEST Folding Scooter, IS BACK!

The wait is over folks! <<< Shop Now >>>

The Triaxe Sport Folding Scooter is finally back in stock! If you're looking for a great, portable scooter with awesome mileage, this is the perfect one for you!! 

The Triaxe Sport is unique and has an amazing 35-mile range on a single charge and can go up to 12mph! With the optional Travel battery, the Triaxe Sport is within TSA guidelines for airline travel with a range up to 18 miles.

No other airline approved scooter has that distance or performance. Wow!! It is the ultimate portable unit that combines controlled speed and superb distance in one great scooter. 

Being a 3-wheel scooter, the Triaxe Sport has a superb turning radius. Handling this scooter in tight spaces will be a breeze. Get this, it also has a pull-out luggage rack, how great and convenient is that! You can check out more of its features below. <<< Shop Now >>>


(Lithium-ion battery, great for airplane travel)

  • Lightweight

  • 350 lb weight capacity

  • Collapses Flat for Storage

  • Per-Charge Range: 35 miles

  • Top Speed: 12 mph

  • Durable Steel Construction

There is no other folding travel scooter that has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, and the scooter itself only weighs 45 pounds without the battery!! Also, it comes in a variety of colors. Be a ray of sunshine in your community with a yellow scooter. You'll be rocking and rolling with a red one! Whichever color you choose, we know you will be over the moon with this scooter. 

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