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Great Places to Travel with a Mobility Scooter

Getting ready for a family outing? A trip on the boardwalk? Well, we've got some great places to travel that feature some awesome mobility access!

Walt Disney World:

(Orlando, FL)

Making a trip to the happiest place on earth? Luckily the theme park has very large walkways and paths making it very easy to maneuver your device. Also on their website, Disney has a list of all of the rides that have wheelchair/mobility scooter access. Not really sure if you want to bring your device from home? That's okay!! Disney offers rentals at $50.00 a day. 

American Museum of Natural History:

(New York, NY)

Museums are always a great place to go with the grandkids, and being able to join in on the fun is even better. At the American Museum of Natural History, it is 100% wheelchair and mobility scooter accessible. Each floor can be reached by elevator! Enjoy each exhibit, and even take a quick stop in the theater! 

Yellowstone National Park

(Yellowstone National Park, WY)

There is nothing like getting out in the great outdoors, and National Parks are a great place to start! Yellowstone has several trails that are wheelchair/mobility scooter accessible. As well as the visitor centers at Canyon Village, Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs (Albright), Grant, West Thumb, and West Yellowstone are accessible. You can also check out on their website for a full accessibility guide. 

Washington D.C.

(District of Columbia, Maryland)

Our Nation's Capital is always a wonderful place to travel. It is one of the most accessible cities in the US. There are several organizations for you to look into such as ScootAround, Orthopedic Mobility Rentals, and The DC Department of Motor Vehicles. They have some great rentals all around the city! 

The best thing to do when traveling, or going to a new place is looking up their accessibility policies before going. Also, check out any nearby rental places as well if you do not have a travel scooter.

Happy traveling!!