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GoFundMe & Care Motion

Care Motion helps to connect people with the right equipment to best suit their needs. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with GoFundMe, the social fundraising platform whose 40 million donors have raised more than $4 billion since 2010. Our customers will be able to set up a campaign here.

We get so many customers who are in need of medical equipment but are unable to afford it and aren't getting covered by insurance. Now, these Care Motion customers can setup a campaign with GoFundMe and get the help they need from friends, family, and their community. Additionally, we plan to give 1% of our gross profits back to help seed some of these campaigns. 

People are already turning to GoFundMe for power chairs. In 2017, hundreds of people have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help regain their mobility. Take a look at this amazing story of Ibra and his power chair:


If you have any questions please email hello@caremotion.com

If you're in serious need of a mobility device and are unable to get covered, pay out of pocket or receive financing we want to help you setup your own GoFundMe campaign and give you a shot at getting funded! For more information on setting up a campaign read more.